Buying Property

Buying property in Turkey can be a safe and easy process provided buyers use the services of a reputable property developer, estate agent and/or solicitor. However recent developments in the Turkish market have encouraged the growth of opportunists, selling property from bars and even from the back of taxis. So just be cautious from whom you buy. At Mediterra, we provide a clear purchasing process to make sure you are informed throughout.

Buying Principles

Non-Turkish nationals are allowed to buy property in Turkey providing it has a government Title Deed recorded at the Land Registry/Cadastral Office. Properties in many village areas have title deeds under a separate ownership system and can not be purchased freehold by foreigners at the time of writing.


After your visit to a Mediterra Project you may reserve a Property by signing our Property Reservation Contract. This involves paying a deposit of 1500 Euros by Credit Card which will ‘hold’ the Property for you whilst you have time to read and agree on our Property Purchase Contract. If you wish to continue and buy the property this 1500 Euros is deducted from your first 30% down payment.

This deposit becomes binding and is non-refundable, but it is transferable if you decide on another property within the Project.

Upon your decision to purchase a property a down payment of 30 % should be completed to sign the final purchase contract. After the down payment is received, the buyer and seller will sign the contract which will include the terms and conditions of delivery, the payment plan and other agreed upon responsibilities. Payment plans can differ based on each project.

Title deeds will be given to buyers after all payments are completed. If the seller can not complete property constructions by the agreed upon time period, a monthly penalty will be awarded to the buyer. The seller agrees to assist the buyer at the title process at the Land Registration office.

The easiest way for non-Turkish nationals is to purchase property is to give power of attorney to a lawyer. In this case, the buyer does not need to return to Turkey to complete the purchase, thereby saving valuable time and money.


The only anomaly in the Turkish buying process is the requirement of an approval paper from the Military in Izmir. This application is made to ensure that the non-Turkish national is buying property within permitted areas, i.e. those which do not constitute national forestry or are located close to military installations. The application is made by the agent or lawyer and requires a photocopy of the buyer's passport and details of the property to be submitted. The approval is usually granted 10 to 16 weeks later, after which the buyer can complete. If the property is already in foreign ownership or on a housing development e.g. apartments, where other foreign owners are already present, the approval process is shorter usually being granted in 4 weeks. The agent or lawyer can give advice as to the likely timescales involved.

Insurance & Tax

On completion all residential property must have obligatory government DASK insurance. After completion buyers should take out additional private insurance to increase the level of building cover and to insure contents. They will also need to re-register the property with the local authority for payment of council tax and with the utility companies. The utility companies will levy a charge for this service and may require a security deposit. For the connection of a new telephone line, foreigner owners must first apply for a residential visa. This application can be made in at the Turkish Consulate in London and ratified by the authorities in Antalya . A residential visa will also be necessary should owners wish to ship their house contents into Turkey from abroad.

Post-purchase, foreign owners should undertake a Turkish will. Whilst property in Turkey will not revert to government ownership on death, there are differences in Turkish inheritance law and foreign owners should ensure they are protected.

Buying Tips

Research the Property Market

Check out your choice of location. Visit property websites to get an idea of what properties are available and at what price. Then decide which combination of location, property type and price is most suitable for you.

Organise your Finances

Whether you plan to visit Turkey to buy or just to conduct some research, you need to know your financial position. If you are buying with borrowed money speak to the lender and get a written confirmation of the amount you can borrow and the time scales involved. Currently it is not possible to raise a mortgage in the UK secured on a Turkish property. If you are planning to buy with borrowed money therefore, you must use a UK based asset as security.

If you are looking to secure a property during your visit with cash, know the timescales involved to release money from accounts and transfer it to Turkey . Most UK banks will accept a faxed transfer authorization but you need to arrange this with them prior to your visit. Likewise deposits can be made with a cash advance on a credit card, but you will need to inform your credit card company beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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